Currently residing in Washington Heights, NYC, Gabriel Aldort began his musical journey in Topanga, CA at the age of 6, sitting at the piano with his Dad. Growing up, he was influenced by a number of styles and artists ranging from Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles to Billy Joel and Elton John. 

In his seventeenth year, following a coast to coast relocation, Gabriel discovered the musical genre that would influence his playing for years to come; that genre was the Blues, particularly New Orleans Stride and Boogie Woogie. Artists such as Dr. John, James Booker, Randy Newman and others would soon become a staple in his patchwork quilt of musical stylings.
Shortly thereafter, Gabriel began a professional music career which 'til now has spanned over twenty years. Today, he continues to juggle a schedule of musical diversity ranging from scoring and teaching, to performing all manner of events.